Juli 30, 2010


- Zwei Studien über den frühen amerikanischen Anarchismus/Individualismus: Rudolf Rockers Pioneers of American Freedom und E.M. Schusters Native American Anarchism auf Reason Hit & Run, via Jesse Walker.

- Ebenfalls von Jesse Walker: eine historische Kontextualisierung von Burqa-Verboten und Ground-Zero-"Moschee"-Diskussion.

- Ein animierter Slavoj Žižek.

- Saint Che: ein schon fast klassischer Text von Larry Gambone aus dem Jahre 1997, via Entdinglichungs neuester Durchforstung der Archive der "radikalen und nicht so radikalen Linken".

- Hier hingegen ein vom Glauben abgefallener Linker. Man beachte folgende Passage: "I began a journey across the left, attempting to rediscover the original vision of the need for a better world which had originally inspired me, but I came to the conclusion that the rot went far further than just the SWP. It was not there was a moral vacuum in the left, but instead a willingness to close its collective eyes to injustice and oppression in the name of a Greater Good. Only among the Anarchists that could I find those who refused to compromise principle and remain true to a vision of a better world free from the shackles of State and God, however, even within the Anarchist movement they were a small minority whilst the mass of anarchists parroted the lefty lines; but dressed in black and with more swears."

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