Mai 10, 2012

Freunde Kubas, kauft bei IKEA!

"The flap is heating up over allegations that IKEA used Cuban political prisoners to make furniture.
A bipartisan group of ranking Hispanic members of Congress is calling on the company’s president to meet with them and 'discuss reports that the Swedish furniture maker reached an accord with the Castro dictatorship to use Cuban political prisoners in the latter part of the 80’s to construct some of its furniture'.
The German daily newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, of Frankfurt, first reported on the matter last week. It said a review of Cold War-era East German police files revealed that the Swedish company had made a deal with Cuba in September 1987 to make 35,000 dining tables, 10,000 children’s tables and 4,000 'Falkenberg' three-piece suites.
IKEA production facilities, the newspaper said, were ‘incorporated in the prison facilities of the Interior Ministry in Cuba."

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