Juli 27, 2009

Die Woche des Väterchen Machno: Das Spiel

Ein Spielentwurf von Justin Pickard:
"How about a hex/card-based (alternate) history strategy game? Let’s call it Free Territory
The players are the immediate subordinates of Ukrainian anarchist Nestor Makhno, competing to amass resources and meet certain conditions (mostly involving their own self-preservation) while preserving the autonomy of the ‘Free Territory’ (represented by a certain configuration of hex tiles) in the face of attacks by various enemies - Bolsheviks, Germans, Austrians, counter-revolutionary White Russians, and various Ukrainian nationalist movements.

Historial Player Characters: Lev Zadov, Viktor Belash, Simon Karetnik, Fedir Shchus, Peter Arshinov, Volin (or, alternatively, a bunch of fictional characters – circumventing controversy and opening up the endgame as something where anything could happen)

Three stages of play: (1) set-up (semi-random determination of the size and borders of the ‘Free Territory’, plus the location of player power-bases); (2) the middle (bulk of the game, comprising of alternate phases of politiking, historical events, and random events); and (3) the end (determining which of the players escape the fall of the ‘Free Territory’, and with what).

If the game was to stick to history-as-it-happened, the game would run from January 1919 to November 1920. I’d rather have the game finish at a random end date, as the ‘Free Territory’ falls to one of its enemies. The end would be between – say – December 1919 and December 1923. If rounds were monthly, that’d give us a game of between 12 and 24 rounds. Does that sound manageable? Would monthly intervals give enough room for manouvre? Depends on how long a round is. "
Im Originalkontext auf Nostalgia for the future.

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Pixel Utopia hat gesagt…

Ich denke auch immer mal wieder über Computerspiele mit sozialrevolutionärem Inhalt nach, aber irgendwie scheint es mir auch unangemessen zu sein. Es fällt mir gerade schwer, das näher zu erläutern. Naja, zumindest ein Strategiespiel zu schreiben scheitert bei mir an meiner mangelnden Fähigkeit KIs zu programmieren.