Dezember 30, 2009

In defense of Progressive Rock (14): Gastbeitrag von Alicia Keys

"Keith Emerson is the greatest thing I discovered this year. I have heard him before, but I stumbled on this clip on YouTube and really discovered him. Musically, he's mean, and he takes all of the classical sound that I love and he freaks it and he flips it on all these crazy sounds, and... I'm into him. That clip is from 1971. I watched him play organs backwards and fly up on pianos, and the piano flips around, and I swear I'm gonna do a couple o' those tricks on my next tour.  It's crazy! It's unbelievable. It's one thing to play with the keyboard the right way up, but to play that way is a total different monster. That's crazy!"
(aus Mojo, 194, Januar 2010).

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