März 05, 2011

Riggenbach über Kropotkin

In der neuesten Ausgabe der Libertarian Tradition-Reihe widmet sich Jeff Riggenbach Kropotkin, mit einem kurzen Exkurs zu Murray Bookchin gegen Ende des Artikels:
"(...) Peter Kropotkin is one of the half-dozen cases of famous anarchocommunists that I would say are worth a second look if you're seeking candidates for places in the libertarian tradition. I've previously said as much about Rudolf Rocker and Emma Goldman; I say it now about Peter Kropotkin. Not only did Kropotkin awaken pretty quickly to the folly of his early admiration for violence and force, but he was arguably the first to enunciate and systematically defend what has since become one of the key ideas of modern libertarianism."
Mehr hier.

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