August 16, 2012

Starke Rede

Maria Aliochina von Pussy Riot beim Schlussplädoyer:
"And what really irritates me is how the prosecution uses the words “so-called” in reference to contemporary art. I would like to point out that very similar methods were used during the trial of the poet [Joseph] Brodsky. His poems were defined as 'so-called' poems; the witnesses for the prosecution hadn’t actually read them—just as a number of the witnesses in our case didn’t see the performance itself and only watched the clip online. Our apologies, it seems, are also being defined by the collective prosecuting body as 'so-called' apologies. Even though this is offensive. And I am overwhelmed with moral injury and psychological trauma. Because our apologies were sincere. I am sorry that so many words have been uttered and you all still haven’t understood this. Or it is calculated deviousness when you talk about our apologies as insincere. I don’t know what you still need to hear from us. But for me this trial is a 'so-called' trial. And I am not afraid of you. I am not afraid of falsehood and fictitiousness, of sloppily disguised deception, in the verdict of the so-called court. Because all you can deprive me of is 'so-called' freedom. This is the only kind that exists in Russia. But nobody can take away my inner freedom."

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